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To rescue children who need your compassion. To help provide safety, shelter, food, education, medical supplies, and medical care.

How do we accomplish this?

We help provide food, shelter, medicine, education and a safe haven for children, women and their families.

Who & where are we?

Children’s Compassion Fund is a charity set up expressly to transform the lives of abandoned, needy or destitute children and their families. CCF is affiliated with The Faith & Freedom Network.

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How we are helping

Children’s Compassion Fund is helping in several countries around the world. Besides Iraq and Pakistan, we are helping orphans and destitute children in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Nicaragua.

A child at the day-care center in Vicente Guerrero



CCF has made several grants to support the childcare outreaches of Foundation For His Ministry. This included 3 Christian orphanages in Baja California, Morelia, and Oaxaca with a total of over 170 residents. In addition, 130 at-risk infants were given round-the-clock pediatric nursing care and special formulas and medicines to prevent malnutrition and developmental disabilities. The day-care center in Colonia Vicente Guerrero provided a safe haven for 30 other children from a nearby migrant labor camp. Hundreds of boys and girls also attended Vacation Bible School and were fed at all 3 locations.

A child at the day-care center in Vicente Guerrero

CCF sent a grant to independent missionary Yolanda Villalobos in San Antonio de Minas, who provides daycare for over 200 children of migrant farm workers while their parents are working in the fields.

Women are rescued from ISIS and provided safe shelter



CCF made grants totaling $15,000 to Agape Hands, an outreach to war refugees in Iraq led by an independent missionary. He provided food, clothing, and other necessities for more than 2,000 individuals displaced by Islamic State in the Kurdish region surrounding Erbil.

A special counseling program served about 300 women and children who had been terrorized or captured, raped or mutilated by ISIS terrorists.

Street kids being fed



CCF sent a grant of $3,000 to The Hunger Solution, a program of the World Bible Society in Pakistan, to help provide meals for over 5,000 children living on the streets of Karachi.

Inside the safe house



Trained, licensed staff run the daily programs to help women feel safe and secure and in a place where they can begin to share openly about their escape to freedom. At first, the women are quiet, watching and waiting to see if they can trust the staff in the home. As the days progress, the women begin to smile, even laugh together as they begin their journey. Women begin to describe their families, their hopes and also their pain.



CCF shipped a 40-ft sea container filled with 18 pallets of assorted medical supplies to American Nicaraguan Foundation, Managua, Nicaragua, to benefit families living in extreme need.

El Salvador

CCF shipped a 40-foot sea container to Fundacion Nuevos Horizontes Para Los Pobres in San Salvador to benefit families living in extreme poverty. The 20 pallets of general medical supplies had a fair market value of $347,040.


CCF sent a special grant to Mendies Haven, Kathmandu, to celebrate its 50th anniversary of providing food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education to orphans rescued from the streets. Many of its adult “graduates” now serve as teachers, pastors, nurses, mechanics, and other professionals.

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